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Tea Tree Oil One Of The Most Powerful Essential Oils

Tea Tree oil is powerful

Tea tree oil is one of the most valuable vegetable oils in nature. Its antibacterial effect is extremely effective and at the same time gentle. Tea tree oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves. Tea tree oil is used to support healing and health, as a natural antibiotic as well as in natural cosmetics.

The production of tea tree oil

The Australian Tea Treetea tree oil
In the botanical classification, the tea tree from Australia is a kind of myrtle plant. There are various forms of distillation. However, the best and most gentle form is steam distillation. The special ingredients are gently extracted by distilling the leaves. The special essential oil is released through water vapor.

Effective ingredients of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. For example, it can fight the causes of acne, flu, colds, or herpes and help with insect bites as well as the effective control of mites, lice, fleas, and ticks.
This effect is due to some 100 substances and compounds. The substances contained:
Terpinene-4-oil (about 40%)
Terpinene (about 20%)
Terpinols and terpineol
Pines, myrtles, phellandrene
Limonene, P-cymene
The main ingredients of tea tree oil are anti-inflammatory, healing, disinfecting and antifungal properties. That is why the tea tree oil is so popular for improving skin health and inflammation.

Areas of application of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a healthy remedy for both physical and mental illness. The application areas of tea tree oil are very diverse.  Here the most important fields of application.

Skin diseases

In the case of skin diseases of any kind, the pronounced mixture has a healing effect as well as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial as it kills bacteria. The affected body sites are treated directly with a few drops of tea tree oil. In this way, acne and pimples, but also warts and eczema can be effectively combated. The oil also has an antibacterial and antifungal effect, so it is also used successfully in the treatment of pelvic diseases.


Tea tree oil is often also used against colds and infections. Inflammation, which has arisen in the throat, can be controlled by oral use. Since tea tree oil is a pure natural product, the side effects of a physical nature are almost impossible. However, in some cases, it is possible for the user to be allergic to the treatment. To this extent, a doctor should be contacted, who can also arrange a comprehensive skin test before the actual application. Both the eyes and the mucous membranes should be spared from contact.

Effect on the psyche

Tea tree oil can also help the psyche. In recent years, the psychological effects of the oil have been scientifically proven. Tea tree oil is similar in its consistency to the plant species marjoram. As a result, the active substance is also suitable as an energy donor, which is effective against both anxiety and the self-confidence of the user.

For animals

Often a treatment of pets with tea tree oil is recommended. Animal keepers should always check the compatibility beforehand. Some pets can not absorb the essential oils so that instead of the healing it can be poisoning.
Before tea tree oil is used for animals, keep an agreement with the veterinarian. Doctors and researchers do not recommend that tea tree oil is applied in its purest form. Otherwise, it is possible that the  skin gets irritated by the essential oil

Tea tree oil in cosmetics

One main application area of tea tree oil is the cosmetics industry, where many other natural oils are also used. It is used both in commercial detergents as well as in shampoos, creams as well as for oral hygiene and against acne.
Caution: Mixing different ingredients (often synthetic in conventional cosmetics) means that a comprehensive method of action such as the pure tea tree oil is not guaranteed. Industrial cosmetics are usually only enriched with a small amount of tea tree oil. The further down the tea tree oil is placed in the list of ingredients, the lower the actual dose.
In most cases, only a small percentage is used, often less than 1%, so that the ingredients of the tea tree oil can not really develop their effect properly.
Consumers who want to use cosmetic products with tea tree oil, we recommend choosing natural cosmetics with declared high oil content. Alternatively, in many cosmetic applications, pure tea tree oil can also be used.
Especially with pimples, it is sometimes difficult to separate the healthy from the infected skin sites. Here it helps to dilute the tea tree oil with another oil, so that the concentration decreases, on the other hand, the healing effect is not excluded. As a rule tea tree oil is mixed with almond oil. Skin irritation can also be aided by the fact that the concentration of tea tree oil is only gradually increased. Mixing with water, on the other hand, is not effective since oil can not sufficiently dissolve.

The right application

Tea tree oil has to be used properly so that the active substance can develop well. Since the formula is used against many diseases, the main cause of which are bacteria, the light yellow essential oil is a panacea. It is particularly important to use it in a controlled manner in order to guarantee an effective treatment.
Even in business, consumers should pay attention that the favorite product actually comes from the leaves of the “Melaleuca Alternifolia”. Such indications can be derived directly from the ingredients. Some of the products offered are also offered with the botanical synonym “Melaleuca Aetheroleum”. It is important that the tea tree oil is used in its pure form since additional materials could limit the effect. Organic tea tree oil in particular guarantees pesticide-free production.
Optimal storage ensures long-term use since tea tree oil is durable for many years. During the storage period, however, the active ingredient is not reduced.

External application

The most widely used form of tea tree oil application is the external application. This simply means that tea tree oil is directly applied to the affected skin part
It is important to use 100% pure tea tree oil because a pure “perfume oil” should not be used for external use.   Find a pure product here.
The dosage can be minimal: one drop is sufficient to treat a skin site. 1 drop of high-quality oil on irritated skin, on a scar, on an inflamed part can bring relief. If a relief occurs, you can still repeat the application several times a day.
For particularly sensitive persons, or even if one wants to treat a larger skin area, a few drops of tea tree oil can be mixed with a carrier oil. Coconut oil, for example, is very suitable as a carrier oil and is also very good for the skin.


For this purpose, a few drops of the oil are heated in a scented dish so that the aromatic scent can spread in the room. In addition, the agent also works against anxiety as well as stress. At this point, it may be mentioned that a healthy diet is of great importance for a healthy psyche.  Find Tea Tree Oil here

Do you have tea tree oil in your medicinal cabinet? If not, you should get some today. Tea tree oil is one of the most widely used and popular essential oils in the world because of the many natural healing properties it provides. In this brief video, you’ll discover the top 10 healing benefits researchers have attributed to this powerful oil.

Read the full article for some essential oil blend recipes that work as natural remedies for a handful of common ailments

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The Artemisia Herb (Mugwort) And Dreams

The Artemisia Herb (Mugwort) And Dreams

The Artemisia Herb or Mugwort can help to dream

The Artemisia herb is called after a Greek Goddess of virginity, Animals, Childbirth, and hunting. We know the herb better as Mugwort or Wormwood. It has many benefits and is often used to treat disorders of the digestive tract.

It is also effective against all kinds of parasites. In traditional Chinese Medicine, it is also used for moxibustion heat therapy to stimulate the flow of qi. Native American Women used it to regulate fertility. It is also used for irregular periods and other menstrual problems. But here is a guide to using it for Dreams.

A Guide To Using Mugwort For High-Level Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming, a term coined by Frederik van Eeden who used the word ‘lucid’ in reference to mental clarity, is a phenomenon in which a dreaming individual becomes aware that what they are experiencing is not a physical reality, but a dream.

This realization most often occurs when a dreamer notices some sort of shocking or impossible event, such as commune with the deceased, underwater breathing, flight, et cetera. Some individuals will even suddenly realize they are dreaming without any sort of clue.

There is also an uncommon scenario in which lucidity within a dream is achieved when one returns to REM (dream) sleep immediately after a brief moment of awakening; the sensation of being awake is carried with your mind back into its dream state.

By definition, a lucid dream requires only that you become aware that you are dreaming, though a level of lucidity can vary greatly. For example, a high-level of lucidity allows one to become aware that every event is occurring within their mind and that they are sleeping safely in bed whereas a low-level of lucidity is perhaps enough to put thought into decisions and maybe make alterations to the environment, but fear of harm and interacting with other beings may persist.

Certain herbal substances have been found to intensify the state of REM sleep. This can have a powerful effect on dream frequency and intensity which, in turn, affects the likeliness of a person recognizing when they are dreaming and being able to recall their dreams after waking. Among these substances are the Xhosa Root, Valerian, and most notably, Mugwort.










For thousands of years, Mugwort, also known as artemisia annua, has had its place in medicinal practice, for it is effective in appetite arousal, digestion stimulation, and even stopping profuse bleeding. Roman soldiers would often place Mugwort in their boots before traveling long distances, claiming it kept their feet feeling fresh and vitalized.

Also, Mugwort’s pungent aroma is coveted for its therapeutic properties as it is said to promote clear-mindedness and even affect subconscious thought patterns. Aside from its practical and aromatic applications during waking consciousness, it is how this historical herb can affect our sleep patterns and dream states that we would like to call attention to.

The active compound in Mugwort is called Thujone which is said to serve as a ‘stepping stone’ to lucid dreaming.
When using Mugwort for dream enhancement, it can be ingested in a number of ways.

Mugwort can also be made into smudging sticks that, when burned, can engulf an area with its powerful aromatic effects. This method is the simplest and the most appropriate form of administration in ceremonial or group scenarios, though be sure to only smudge in areas with good airflow and open ventilation.

Dream pillows, as they are referred to, are a very popular method of using Mugwort. To create one, Mugwort leaves or incense is placed inside of a pouch which is then placed inside of or beneath one’s pillow when sleeping.

The Mugwort can be part of a mixture of herbs including but not limited to Anise, Cedar, Jasmine, Lavender, Rosemary, Hops, and Calendula, all of which have their own unique benefits on the sleeping subconscious. Perhaps the most common method of consuming Mugwort is to brew the leaves into a tea.

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How To Make A Creamy Carrot Soup 4 Ways

A Creamy Carrot Soup for cool days

How about a tasty and quick creamy carrot soup?

Carrots are probably one of the most popular vegetables ever. Because they taste sweet and can be nibbled directly from the hand. But they can also be processed in no time to salad, vegetables, juice, even cake.

Moreover, as carrots are among the leaders in carotenoids, they are also extremely healthy – especially for the eyes, skin and heart. At the same time they protect against diabetes, atherosclerosis and cancer. We have here creamy carrot soups that are healthy.

The weather is getting cold and we crave sometimes a good soup. Made in a blender with carrots and some other ingredients it is easy and fast to prepare, have the carrots or the juice handy together with avocado and maybe a bit hot Pepper if you like, it makes feel a little bit warmer.

All you need is a Vitamix and the ingredients and your  Carrot soup is ready in a short time. That’s  fast? Let’s start and enjoy a comforting  soup 🙂

How To Make A Creamy Carrot Soup

How to Make Creamy Carrot Soup | Diana Stobo – Don’t let a cold day ruin your raw food diet. This must-have carrot soup will be sure to warm your belly!


Full of the flavor of earthy sweet carrots, spiced curry powder, creamy coconut, and a zip of ginger, this carrot coconut curry soup satisfies on a cool fall or spring evening.

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How To Stay Cool With Cucumbers

Recipes  to stay cool with Cucumbers

We can stay cool with Cucumbers they especially in summer a welcome refreshment because of the high water content they provide our bodies with plenty of fluids.

The high water content also ensures that cucumbers have few calories. The healthy cucumber can be eaten also during diets in greater quantities and without guilt.

Due to the vitamins and minerals contained in cucumbers, each slice is doing something good for our body.

Read more about the health benefits of Cucumber

Cucumbers can not only be eaten but are also great to use for beauty treatments.

The cucumber mask is a classic treatment. The mask is very popular not only for its relaxing effects but because it can be made easily at home.

Read more about the beauty benefits of Cucumber

See the recipes below and stay cool with cucumbers. Watch the videos with different salad recipes and a smoothie,

Enjoy and stay cool with cucumbers 🙂

How To Stay Cool With Cucumbers


Cucumbers to Cool and Nourish Your Body

Though cucumbers are made up of 95 percent water, they pack quite a nutritional punch. Cucumbers are high in vitamin K, which helps us absorb calcium and keeps our bones strong, and Vitamin C, which boosts our immunity and gives us the energy to thrive in our daily lives. They’re also full of minerals like potassium, which aids in maintaining healthy blood pressure. Additionally, cucumbers contain lignans, which may decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

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Refreshing Salad Recipes To Enjoy The Summer Season

Refreshing salad recipes for hot Summer days

Try these refreshing salad recipes to stay cool during the summer season.  In the warm season, we are often not very hungry.

A refreshing salad for the lunch or dinner is a welcome change and also fast to prepare. Furthermore, a  salad is a true slimming agent and makes the pounds shed and also satisfies for an extended period of time.

Therefore a salad is great for a small and quick meal with limited calories. The seasonal vegetables, fresh leafy salad, fruits are crispy and fresh and ensure a colorful variety.

Our refreshing salad recipes are not only delicious they also have fresh and crisp ingredients and are important vitamin and nutrient supplier. Here we introduce you to some favorites which you can not only make quickly. These refreshing salad recipes are also satisfying and can replace a meal, used as a starter or for a picnic.

Choose your favorite delicious salad and enjoy your Summer!

Refreshing Salad Recipes To Enjoy The Summer Season

Citrus and Greens Salad

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Recipes That Save You Time And Increase Your Vitality

Tips to start adding raw vegan food to your meals.

The raw vegan  food and the vital delicious gourmet recipes are quite simple. Buy from the farmers market everything that looks appetizing. Do not just take the sweet fruit, but combine what you are hungry for.  Listen to your body telling you what it needs.

Make sure that you eat enough green leafy vegetables every day. And believe it or not, that stuff suits everything. You can mix it daily with the morning fruit smoothie. Just take some kale, wild herbs or other green leafy vegetables. Also green smoothies taste great. Do not eat too much sweet fruit, even if it is natural sugar. Everything should be balanced.

You can find many raw vegan food recipes here on this website. Since each of us usually has little time to prepare you do not need to cook, you can just put all ingredients in a bowl and spoon!  If you eat raw food, everything can be your main meal, including fruit. Take this as a basis from which you derive everything that is right for you.

You will need some equipment for preparation. The most useful will probably be a mixer. If you use it several times a day, use a high-performance mixer, such as the Vitamix. It has been tested for years and it liquefies everything in a few seconds. If you find the purchase of such devices expensive, then be aware that you can do without stoves or ovens.

Get everything you need for a healthy diet as an investment in your wellbeing that will give you more  health, joy of life and definitely more energy . Decide to have a truly healthy and joyful lifestyle.

Have fun preparing the healthy, delicious raw vegan recipes!

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The Ultimate Help For Insomnia

The Ultimate Help For Insomnia

Herb Remedies for Insomnia

For the regeneration of the body and mind, healthy sleep is essential. Only those who sleep enough are powerful, have the full powers of concentration and a balanced mood.
Disturbed sleep is often a result of mental disorders, anxiety, worry, or overwork. If sleep disturbed, the performance will be impaired or will amplify fears, and can bring a person deep into crisis.
Sleeplessness has three groups of symptoms: difficulty falling asleep, maintaining sleep, and early awakening. Whoever lies awake in bed at night and can not sleep, knows how distressing it is when you sometimes stand up again, then lie down again, triggers are sometimes eating late or too much coffee or tea during the day or in the evening.

Sometimes nagging thoughts are a cause that takes away the necessary rest.
Repeated waking at night is a typical symptom of maintaining sleep. Often this is caused by bad dreams, which can wake up the victims and make it impossible to return to sleep.
Too early awakening can have different causes. So may, for. For example, the morning sunrise in summer, the chirping of birds, or the street noise be to blame on waking up.

Often the people can not fall asleep, and when they are finally tired again, the alarm clock rings and they start the day tired.
All of these symptoms cause us to start tired into the new day.  Unfocused and not as powerful as usual. In addition, the risk of disease increases.  Regular sleep should be clarified by consulting a doctor. If the insomnia is not due to an illness, we can help with the following:


The Ultimate Help By Insomnia
Lemon Balm

Valerian can help with sleep disorders, soften the anxiety so that you find easier sleep. Whether you are taking valerian as a tea, drops, or a dragee makes no difference. Valerian does not cause fatigue, therefore, does not force you to sleep.

But it helps to relax, reduces nagging thoughts, and promotes healthy sleep.
Melissa or Lemon Balm also can help. Fill the bathtub half with very warm water and put about 50 grams of lemon balm leaves in a bag.  Leave it about 5 minutes in the water, let the water cool until the desired temperature is reached, and relax.

Such a bath before bedtime ensures a restful sleep.
A Lavender- Hop- cushion by its fragrance, harmonizes the soul and the mind, helping to fall asleep. Responsible for this is the essential oils of lavender and hops.

The Ultimate Help By Insomnia

Make from one piece of linen or silk a bag and fill with 100 g of lavender and 50 g hops. Put this bag on your pillow in bed and press it a few times before you sleep, to have the wonderfully soothing scent.

You increase the effect by putting a few drops of real lavender oil onto the pillow.
Place a handful of anise seeds in a bowl and pour boiling water and inhale the steam.
One gram of valerian with 250 ml of boiling water, let stand for 5 minutes then sieve.

Drink a cup of about 1 hour before going to bed.
Two teaspoons of hops pour 250 ml boiling water and leave for 15 minutes.

To this tea valerian also, can be added. Drink a cup one hour before bedtime.
Equal parts horsetail, birch leaves, yarrow, nettle, thyme, speedwell, and cumin 

Boil a teaspoon of the mixture together with a cup of water, then covered infuse ten to fifteen minutes.

The Ultimate Help By Insomnia

sip or drink unsweetened before eating.

Herb Remedies for Insomnia
Take this:

10 g lady’s mantle,

20 g gentian,

30 g of hop,

20 g valerian,

10 g lemon balm,

30 g cowslip

and 30 g of thyme.

The Ultimate Help By Insomnia

Mix all herbs well together. For a pint of water, take 2 tablespoons full of this herbal blend in cold water, let it boil for three minutes, and then covered infuse ten minutes, sieve and drinks during the day and at bedtime each 1 cup of tea.
Equal parts, valerian, hops, lemon balm, and thyme.

Boil a teaspoon of the mixture together with a cup of water, then covered infuse ten to fifteen minutes.

sips or drink unsweetened before eating.
Equal parts of hop cones, lemon balm leaves, orange flower, valerian root, and spearmint leaves.

Boil a teaspoon of the mixture together with a cup of water, then covered infuse ten to fifteen minutes.

sips or drink unsweetened before eating.
Tea for better Sleep
A good sleep-inducing effect has a tea of equal parts valerian, lemon balm, and lavender. Mix these three herbs and pour a teaspoon of this mixture in a cup of hot water. let stand for 10 minutes, then sieve.  Drink one hour before bedtime in sips.
Coffee beans
Bean coffee has a particular effect on humans,  whom other tranquilizers do not help. This can  be the case when the

Sleep disorder is triggered by poor cerebral blood flow.

Drink before bedtime a not too hot cup of coffee.
Chamomile baths – lavender baths
By sleep problems, traditionally chamomile or lavender baths help.

Use six drops of essential chamomile or lavender oil and put it into the bathwater.

The Ultimate Help By Insomnia
Orange blossom

Do not bathe more than 15 minutes.
Bath with orange blossom oil
The orange blossom oil is also called neroli oil, has long been known as a sleep-promoting agent for bath products.

Give five drops oil into the bathwater, bathe not longer than 15 minutes.

Highly recommended as  herbal remedies for Insomnia are also these teas:
Valerian flowers,


St. John’s wort,



Licorice (not for high blood pressure),



and Lavender flowers.

For children, a pillow has been proven good: Take a handful of valerian roots, chamomile, sage, rosemary, ferns, and lemon as well as 10 g of arnica flowers and mistletoe berries.

Give it all in a sheet and sew the cloth to a pillow.

This cushion can be put under the actual pillow so that the child can inhale the fragrance.

Such cushions will last approximately two months after this the scent will be gone.

Spring Is Here: Make Delicious Seasonal Spring Recipes From Your Garden.

Spring is here with an abundance of seasonal herbs, vegetables, and fruits

Seasonal recipes in spring finally bring color back after the Winter days. Now green sprouts everywhere from the earth.
Our vegetable garden is also awakening to new life; not only do colorful tulips and glowing daffodils bloom. Young shoots break out of the buds, and everywhere the green seeks its way to the surface of the earth.
Asparagus, radishes, wild garlic, etc., ensure a perfect start to spring. Spring vegetables now replenish our vitamin balance and provide our body with many vital nutrients.

Herbs in Spring

The first garden herbs, such as chervil and, a little later, coriander, appear. Parsley and chives do not grow until after the last frosty days, but more robust herbs such as sage and thyme begin to sprout their leaves early in spring.

Now the time of the wild herb kitchen begins. Pimpinella, yarrow, wild rocket, and dandelion or ribwort bring fresh greens to the plate. The broad, lancet-like leaves of wild garlic give a sweet garlic scent and enrich many recipes as a delicate spice.

Seasonal Spring recipes with vegetables

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What food is Better For Your Baby: Raw or Cooked?

At what age can you give raw food?

What food is better for the Baby: Raw or Cooked? From the 4th month of life, you can give a baby a spoonful of raw apple, pear, or orange juice. You can gradually increase the amount of juice diluted with water until a bottle reaches 100 – 150 ml in the 6th month. From the 6th month onwards, you can give washed raw and peeled fruits such as apples, pears, and bananas together with a plant milk product as part of snacks.

After the first cooked food between the 5th and 8th months of life, the baby can eat raw vegetables such as carrot and cucumber around the 8th to 10th month. The finely grated raw vegetables help refine baby’s taste buds and diversify their diet. Make the vegetables more tender by soaking them in a little lemon juice or, for carrots, orange juice. From 6 months onwards, parsley or a few basil leaves mixed in with the soup are no longer dangerous.

The baby can now suck a small slice of apple or chew a banana piece by learning to chew. Fruits are the first food baby allowed to eat raw. The rest of the food has to be cooked, as the baby’s stomach cannot digest fibers such as those found in celery, artichoke, or beetroot.

Pros and cons for baby

The advantage of raw foods for babies is that they will consume all the vitamins they like while teething.

The benefit of cooked food is discovering new flavors and textures, sometimes tender and sometimes crispy.

How does cooking affect the taste and texture?

Rice and pasta, swell when they absorb cooking water. Cooking makes fruits and vegetables softer, smoother, and easier to digest. So think of compotes and creamy soups.

Cooking changes the natural colors of foods and makes them appear weaker. Plants will more or less fade depending on their pigments, acidity, and cooking method. Green vegetables turn yellow if you cook them too long or if they are covered. Pasta, baked goods, and foods that have been rolled in flour before cooking will change color due to the caramelized starch.

Depending on the type of cooking and under the influence of heat, specific food components accumulate in the middle. Flavors that you add to the food during cooking, aromatic addition like, stocks, salty or sweet liquids, envelop the food with a rich taste. Cooking vegetables with plant milk or broth makes them even tastier for babies.

Some vitamins and minerals are sensitive to heat; they suffer depending on the cooking time and temperature.

How to try raw?

Wash fruits and vegetables with clean water. A few drops of lemon juice reliably eliminate all traces of pesticides. Use aromatic plants such as parsley, basil, anise or onions, garlic, and shallots. They contain protective micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) and are rich in flavor.

Baby food raw or cooked

What types of cooking are the best?

Steaming: Steaming preserves the natural taste and most of the vitamins in the food.

In water: In the cooking water are vitamins and minerals. So keep it and use it for your preparations.

Grilling: you achieve with good vegetable oils, olive or peanut oil, crispy, somewhat firmer textures.

In the Pan: With oil or butter, this type of cooking gives vegetables and fruit a characteristic gourmet taste.

As a soup or stew: This type of cooking has the advantage of allowing food and spices to dissolve together over low heat. The texture becomes creamy, and the taste is less intense and strong, two aspects that young children appreciate.

Frying: Cooking in the oil gives it a crispy aspect and an oily texture. Most children love this, but once a week should be enough. Watch out for excessively roasted or burnt parts; they are toxic to babies.

Preserving: A gentle way of cooking that allows the baby to digest all types of fruit.

Raw food allows the original texture and taste of the food, and it preserves the nutrients. The different cooking methods offer advantages in terms of taste and make food more comfortable for babies to digest.

First complementary food – raw vegan from the start

The first complementary food plays an essential role in developing the digestive system and the baby’s supply of nutrients. This new and exciting phase can take place with confidence for parents and baby

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