Being Well Needs Exercise – Josef Pilates

 Josef Pilates
 Josef Pilates

Joseph Pilates

was born in Germany in 1880. In 1912 he

moved to England and worked as a boxer, a circus performer

and a detective and self-defence trainer. During World Was I he was

sent to a camp in Lancaster were he trained inmates in health and fitness and

this was the begin of the Pilates exercise.the movements can be small and

therapeutic and are designed to help people to recover from injuries or

they can be challenging ,even for athletes.

1925 Joseph Pilates migrated to the U.S. On the ship he met his future

wife, Clara. In New York City, they began a studio and taught students ,

most of his students were dancers and movie stars.

Pilates exercise uses the mind to control the muscles of the body.

It focuses on the core muscles of the stomach to keep the body balanced.

If the body is balanced it supports the spine.

Awareness of breathing ,alignment of the spine for stronger torso muscles ,

is what he was teaching. Strong core muscle can help to relieve back

and neck pain.

As a child Joseph Pilates was sick and he was suffering from asthma,

rickets and rheumatic fever. In this time he learned from the nature by

studying the movements of animals and birds.

“As a child, I would lie in the woods for hours,
hiding and watching the animals move,
how the mother taught the young.”he said.

After this he began to dedicate his life to well being and becoming

physically stronger.


By the age of 14, he was fit enough be a model for anatomical

charts because of his training of gymnastics and bodybuilding.

He also studied Yoga , Zen and other exercises.

Joseph believed the roots of poor health comes from poor breathing and bad posture.

The practice of Pilates is undoubtedly one of the most popular exercises today.

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8 thoughts on “Being Well Needs Exercise – Josef Pilates

  1. I never knew the history of Pilates, and found this to be very interesting. He left quite a legacy. I think I first heard of Pilates about 18 years ago when a friend bought a pilates machine from a tv infomercial.


    1. Hi Mary ,
      Yes ,Pilates has a interesting history and I like that he learned a lot from the nature.
      I do a form of Pilates with my exercise group and developed it to meditative exercise ,since 8 years.
      It is very beneficial and does not need any machines ,it can be done without ,we only use a Theraband .
      Thanks for your comment


    1. You are welcome ,Nate
      I thought it would be interesting for people,
      I like that he studied nature and the animals to
      make the movements and it is very beneficial 🙂
      Thank you for the comment


    1. Yes ,Lesly he worked also as a nurse,
      and he helped a lot of people to get good again.
      Because of this I use a lot of the movements in the meditative exercise .
      It really feels good to bring the mind into the body and have the breath as the rhythm.
      Thanks for the comment


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