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Colon Hydrotherapy - Cleanse Your Gut

Colon Hydrotherapy – Cleanse Your Gut

 Colon Hydrotherapy – Cleanse your gut

The gut is the largest immune organ of the body and responsible for the physical defense. 80% of our immune system is in our colon and small intestine. In Germany, it is said, “the death is in the colon”.

In our time because of denatured food, not enough nutrition, toxins stress and lack of exercise, the balance of our body system is not in harmony. We get auto-intoxicated, this means our body is being intoxicated, because of this unnatural way of life.

Not enough oxygen is transported into our tissues and the waste can not be removed fast enough. This results usually in loss of vitality, infections, bad mood, depression and lack of concentration.

Colon Hydrotherapy
Colon Hydrotherapy

If the intestines do not work properly, we can develop inflammation, rheumatism, migraine, high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, allergies and many other diseases. Colitis, lactose intolerance, Crohn’ disease and more can be cured by colon hydrotherapy.

In this type of ” inner Kneipp cure ” the therapist fills the colon of the patient with a special apparatus several times with temperature-controlled water and sets the intestine for a short time under pressure. This will flush out the very old stagnating stool and harmful germs.

Allergies and food intolerance will disappear after a series of ten CHT treatments. The therapy will strengthen the weakened immune system. The intestinal flora can be restored and the natural order in the body will stabilize a patient’s self-esteem.

In addition to intestinal rehabilitation, the patient should eat healthily and exercise.

I myself had a 15-year long journey caused by wrong medication and in this time I have been reading every book I could find on this subject. I have friends who are doctors and professors and they all tried to help , but no one was able to find this easy diagnosis of a damaged intestinal flora. This is not visible in a colonoscopy.

After I found a friend who was working before as a nurse in different countries in Africa and Asia, I got cured.She learned some old and traditional ways and established a Naturopath practice, where she helps a lot of people. She uses the new way of colon hydrotherapy which was developed by the NASA for the Astronauts, which is in between in most of the practices common.
Together with the right food, herbs, probiotics, and mutaflor I recovered and never had difficulties again.

African wood carving
      African wood carving

Enemas were known within millennia-old cultures and the oldest records go back to 1650 BC. Today we find in the ancient writings of the Chinese, Egyptian and Indian traditions of healing application for a body cleanse. In the past before anything else, first, a enema or colon cleanse was used when a sickness occurred.
First Device Development 1900

Used in the USA and Germany since the early 80’s, Colon hydrotherapy equipment goes back on evolutionarily simple mechanical devices that have been developed around 1900 in Vienna and in Italy. The modern Colon hydrotherapy uses a apparatus, which is cleansing the colon with pure water. The procedure used today for Colon hydrotherapy is hygienically and was originally developed by NASA for their astronauts.

How is the procedure performed?
The patient lies comfortably on a bed. Through a plastic tube ( speculum, disposable material ) water flows with different temperatures in the intestine. A closed system, the water, and the dissolved tract are passed through a discharge hose. With a gentle abdominal massage, the therapist can palpate existing problem areas and direct the water flowing in exactly this area. The Hydro-colon therapy with such an intense and thorough cleaning and sanitation of the colon, as was previously not possible.
The dissolving action of the water and the simultaneous hot – cool irritation of the gut causing it to start working again, and automatically conveyed the accumulated and stagnated intestinal contents. With the additional supply of oxygen to the water, the healthy and necessary intestinal bacteria get their food. The Colon hydrotherapy does not produce pain or cramps and is perceived by patients as extremely pleasant and beneficial. The closed system prevents odors.

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Our body has an awesome built-in detox system.Still, our body depends on us to take care of it so that it can function correctly.

The best way isprevention, to learn how to stay healthy and clean your body
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Total Wellness Cleanse – Foods For Colon Cleanse

Foods For Colon Cleanse
Foods For Colon Cleanse

Cleansing your body through a colon cleanse program can help in weight loss and regain health. If you are undergoing a colon cleanse, junk foods will not help in the process, because this kind of food is one of the main reason why the colon has to be cleansed. Eating unhealthy foods during the colon cleaning process can stop the whole process and can even cause stomach ache, cramps and drowsiness.

There are different kinds of food that can clean your colon and there are also foods that do the opposite.

Some foods will cause harmful effects in the body and clog, irritate the colon.

You should keep in mind that the more you eat, the less you cleanse. Easy to digest Foods can help clean the colon and give your body energy to break down and destroy wastes. If you are really interested to clean your body, you need to eat the right kind of food such as the following:

1. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices

Fresh vegetables and fruits will help your body to clean the colon. Because there are no pulps to be digested so the vitamins and minerals will be quickly absorbed by the body. Fresh fruit juice will boost your energy and will allow your body to flush out more fecal wastes. Fresh juices contain fresh enzymes and help your body to rejuvenate itself.

Food For Colon Cleanse
Food For Colon Cleanse

Fresh fruit juice is very good for rejuvenation and enhancing the digestive system. Fructose (fruit sugar) is not processed by the body as it process refined sugar so you will not gain extra pounds.

If you are interested in juicing, make sure it is fresh. Bottled juices are not effective as fresh juices because the enzymes are dead.

2. Fresh fruits

These foods are easily digested and can help in the cleansing process as a natural cleanser. It is recommended to add fruits to your breakfast. Your natural dietary cycle will likely decide on body cleaning in the morning.

3. Fresh vegetables

Greens clean your colon but can a little bit wily if your digestion is not yet ready. The very best colon cleansers are raw vegetables, but when you have digestive issues, you possibly can eat raw vegetable salad during lunch when your digestive enzymes are good condition. Then you can eat vegetable dishes for evening meals. By working together with your natural dietary cycles, you possibly can enhance your digestion and your body’s ability to cleanse.

4. Raw Foods

Raw food diet can include vegetables and fruits, seeds and grains. The raw food diet will be more possible by using tools like a dehydrator.

5. Grains

Food grains like amaranth, rice, quinoa and flax seeds are really helpful for colon cleansing.Don’t eat pasta during a colon cleanse as it would stop your body’s natural rejuvenating process. Take notice that all grains will slow down your digestion so the more you eat; the slower you will cleanse .

6. Meat

Although red meats, turkey, fish and chicken are not effective cleansers, you should stop eating them immediately. Meats can be hard to digest especially if you eat it with bread.

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