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How To Make The Best Cough Remedy At Your Home

How To Make The Best Cough Remedy At Your Home

( Video ) Make the Best Cough Remedy yourself at home.

Need the best cough remedy? Usually, a cough comes unexpectedly. If you want to do something against a cough, you do not have to run to the pharmacy. If you have just an onion and some honey (or brown sugar) at home, you can make yourself an onion juice which is very effective by cold and cough.

The onion juice for a cough is an old traditional and tested home remedy that can compete with any modern medicine. It works for young and old and especially kids can take it as well. It has no side effects. Even the one who is preparing it and may have a cold will get rid of a clogged nose. You never will complain about the tears in your eyes again if you cut onions. It really can kill the germs and the cold and cough will disappear soon. Not only for cold and cough onions are doing miracles.

Onion & Garlic have unimagined healing powers

During the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, the workers were supplied with onions and radish to perform the heavy work. Onions are a mystery of vitality and strength. And to this day, the onion is known as a life elixir. And it is also an amazing remedy. For example, onions can affect sugar metabolism and cholesterol levels. Onions have a strong stimulus on the digestive system, especially the liver, bile, and pancreas. However, they also contain a plant active ingredient, which, similar to the insulin of the pancreas, promotes sugar metabolism and reduces the sugar content in the blood.

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The disinfecting power of the onion was already used in the Middle Ages to protect against plague and cholera. But even today the onion and its spicy tasting siblings are good for medical surprises:
The sulfur-containing active ingredients of onion and garlic protect cell walls and cholesterol from the attack of free radicals and counteract vessel occlusions such as myocardial infarction or stroke.

Garlic and onions have a similar effect as acetylsalicylic acid due to their ingredients, which today is taken by many people in a low dosage as a prevention against thrombosis and myocardial infarction.
Onions or garlic also help to handle radioactive radiation better. After the reactor accident of Chernobyl, Russian scientists had found that even relatively small radiation doses cause changes in the blood vessels such as arteriosclerosis and disturbances in fat metabolism. On the other hand, they recommended onion and garlic as their ingredients increase the flow of the blood and reduce cholesterol levels.

The sulfur-containing onion active ingredients directly influence the cholesterol formation in the liver. They inhibit the formation of the “bad” LDL and promote the “good” HDL.
Scientists report when consuming zinc-rich foods such as onions, the stains of age spots could disappear again.

Best Cough Remedy Recipe to make onion juice for coughing yourself

To make the onion juice, you only need a few things that are always in stock in the kitchen:

… a large onion

… 4 to 6 tablespoons sugar (or honey)

… a glass

…Olive oil

These simple ingredients make the onion juice, which is extremely cheap and yet very effective.

How do I make onion juice?

1. Cut the onion into small cubes and place in a glass

2. Add about 2 heaped tablespoons of sugar (or honey) and mix the whole,

The onion juice for coughing is ready and finished. Now it should be standing for about half an hour. Cover the glass with an undercover to keep the ingredients as complete as possible. You can add olive oil for a dry cough. mix a teaspoon ot two to the juice.

How do I apply the onion juice for a cough?

Tangle a tablespoon into the solution so that only the clear onion juice reaches the spoon. From this fluid, you take about 2 to 3 teaspoons 3-4 times a day.

If you take the specified amount of onion juice for about 3 to 4 days, you should not have any problems with even a strong cough.Who likes can make more and store, but it is better to make fresh juice every day. Fresh it has all the etheric oils, and it is certainly no a lot of work to make this best cough remedy.

The only thing is that the concentrated onion juice can produce unpleasant mouth odor. If you are communicating a lot with people, you should take care of this by brushing your teeth after taking the coughing juice. Another possibility is to rinse the mouth with clear water after a few minutes of exposure and eat a peppermint.

You will be surprised how well best cough remedy the onion juice works even against a dry cough! It is also good mucus-releasing so that the few “coughs” only takes the “impurities” from the lung away.

Try it and you will see it is the best cough remedy and work miracles.

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