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The Ultimate Help For Insomnia

The Ultimate Help For Insomnia

Herb Remedies for Insomnia

For the regeneration of body and mind, healthy sleep is essential. Only those who sleep enough are powerful, have the full powers of concentration and a balanced mood.
Disturbed sleep is often a result of mental disorders, anxiety, worry or overwork. If sleep disturbed, the performance will be impaired or will amplify fears, and can bring a person deep into crisis.
Sleeplessness has three groups of symptoms: difficulty falling asleep, maintaining sleep and early awakening. Whoever lies awake in bed at night and can not sleep, knows how distressing it is when you sometimes stand up again, then lie down again, triggers are sometimes eating late or too much coffee or tea during the day or in the evening. Sometimes nagging thoughts are a cause that takes away the necessary rest.
Repeated waking at night is a typical symptom of maintaining sleep. Often this is caused by bad dreams, which can wake up the victims and make it impossible to return to sleep.
Too early awakening can have different causes. So may, for. Example, the morning sunrise in summer, the chirping of birds or the street noise be to blame on waking up. Often the people can not fall asleep, and when they are finally tired again, the alarm clock rings and they start the day tired.
All of these symptoms cause to start tired into the new day.  Unfocused and not as powerful as usual. In addition, the risk of disease increases.  Regular sleep should be clarified by consulting a doctor. If the insomnia is not due to an illness, we can help with the following:


The Ultimate Help By Insomnia
Lemon Balm

Valerian can help with sleep disorders, soften the anxiety so that you find easier sleep. Whether you are taking valerian as a tea, drops, or a dragee makes no difference. Valerian does not cause fatigue, therefore, does not force you to sleep. But it helps to relax, reduces nagging thoughts and promotes healthy sleep.
Melissa or Lemon Balm also can help. Fill the bathtub half with very warm water and put about 50 grams lemon balm leaves in a bag.  Leave it about 5 minutes in the water, let the water cool until the desired temperature is reached and relax. Such a bath before bedtime ensures a restful sleep.
A Lavender- Hop- cushion by its fragrance, harmonizes the soul and the mind, helping to fall asleep. Responsible for this is the essential oils of lavender and hops.

The Ultimate Help By Insomnia

Make froTeam one piece of linen or silk a bag and fill with 100 g of lavender and 50 g hops. Put this bag on your pillow in bed and press it a few times before you sleep, to have the wonderfully soothing scent. You increase the effect by putting a few drops of real lavender oil onto the pillow.
Place a handful of anise seeds in a bowl and pour boiling water and inhale the steam.
One gram of valerian with 250 ml of boiling water, let stand for 5 minutes then sieve.

Drink a cup about 1 hour before going to bed.
Two teaspoons of hops pour 250 ml boiling water and leave for 15 minutes.

To this tea valerian also, can be added. Drink a cup one hour before bedtime.
Equal parts horsetail, birch leaves, yarrow, nettle, thyme, speedwell, and cumin 

Boil a teaspoon of the mixture together with a cup of water, then covered infuse ten to fifteen minutes.

The Ultimate Help By Insomnia

sip or drink unsweetened before eating.

Herb Remedies for Insomnia
Take this:

10 g lady’s mantle,

20 g gentian,

30 g of hop,

20 g valerian,

10 g lemon balm,

30 g cowslip

and 30 g of thyme.

The Ultimate Help By Insomnia

Mix all herbs well together. For a pint of water, take 2 tablespoons full of this herbal blend in cold water, let it boil for three minutes and then covered infuse ten minutes, sieve and drinks during the day and at bedtime each 1 cup of tea.
Equal parts, valerian, hops, lemon balm, and thyme.

Boil a teaspoon of the mixture together with a cup of water, then covered infuse ten to fifteen minutes.

sips or drink unsweetened before eating.
Equal parts of hop cones, lemon balm leaves, orange flower, valerian root, and spearmint leaves.

Boil a teaspoon of the mixture together with a cup of water, then covered infuse ten to fifteen minutes.

sips or drink unsweetened before eating.
Tea for better Sleep
A good sleep-inducing effect has a tea of equal parts valerian, lemon balm, and lavender. Mix these three herbs and pour a teaspoon of this mixture in a cup of hot water. let stand for 10 minutes, then sieve.  Drink one hour before bedtime in sips.
Coffee beans
Bean coffee has a particular effect on humans,  whom other tranquilizers do not help. This can  be the case when the

Sleep disorder is triggered by a poor cerebral blood flow.

Drink before bedtime a not too hot cup of coffee.
Chamomile baths – lavender baths
By sleep problems, traditionally a chamomile or lavender baths help.

Use six drops of essential chamomile or lavender oil and put into the bathwater.

The Ultimate Help By Insomnia
Orange blossom

Do not bathe more than 15 minutes.
Bath with orange blossom oil
The orange blossom oil is also called neroli oil, has long been known as a sleep-promoting agent for bath products.

Give five drops oil into the bath water, bathe not longer than 15 minutes.

Highly recommended as  herbal remedies for Insomnia are also these teas:
Valerian flowers,


St. John’s wort,



Licorice (not for high blood pressure),



and Lavender flowers.

For children, a pillow has been proven good: Take a handful valerian roots, chamomile, sage, rosemary, ferns, and lemon as well as 10 g of arnica flowers and mistletoe berries.

Give it all in a sheet and sew the cloth to a pillow.

This cushion can be put under the actual pillow so that the child can inhale the fragrance.

Such cushions will last approximately two months after this the scent will be gone.